Miduoke International Online
Customer Service System

Chinese and English versions and multilingual translation to lower down operation & labor costs for enterprises, quickly improve the customer conversion rate. It's essential for multinational enterprises!

For over ten years,
we stay true to our founding missionand forge ahead all the way

Improve customer service efficiency by 85%.

Our customer satisfaction reaches as high as 98%.

Improve order conversion rate by 89% or so.

Reduce labor cost by $150 per person per day.

Realize integrated management by multi-channel one-stop access.

Information exchange, data association, customer portrait and precise description. You can respond to and edit orders in real time without leaving the workbench. All the business scenarios including pre-sale, on sale and after-sales services are covered with exclusive solutions.

Respond to and capture customer needs in a timely manner.

Multiple dialogue assignment and scientific coordination of customer service work.

  • ACD assignment is introduced for fast access to customer service system.
  • Intelligently optimize the ratio of customer service resources by setting assignment rules based on channel, project, region, etc. dimension.
  • Perfect transfer function to make sure forwarding of marketing dialogue in real-time and without delay.

PIV (personal identity verification) and smart control.

  • Omni-channel access and identify new and old users.
  • Automatic identification of regular users. Fast access to identity information and historical dialogues of visitors.
  • Customer service personnel could blacklist invalid customers.

Intelligent response and quick reply.

  • 7*24 hours online reception by bots providing one-click solution and simplified service based on repository.
  • Well-matched answers are provided through keyword matching, thus enabling users to confirm the question conveniently.
  • Automatic reply & quick answer to reduce the workload of customer service personnel and increase the efficiency.

Establish customer portrait according to data analysis.

  • Collect information and offer specific services to customers by a variety of means.
  • Find high-quality customers by information filtering and enable customer service personnel to know more about customers through more intact information.
  • Check customer sources, intentions and regions at any time and keep everything in control.

AI customer service bots

AI customer service bots are always online, solving 90% of common questions.

7*24 hours instant reception to avoid missing a customer and help with your business growth.

  • 7*24 hours omni-channel access to perfect the customer experience.
  • Optimize and expand repository to assist in business growth via great independent learning ability.
  • Solve 85% repetitive questions and reduce labor costs with full-time coverage.
  • Recognize problems & guide business direction through multi- dimension precise data.

Elaborately analyze marketing and performance assessment with data supporting decision-making.

Website statistics

Provide service data statistics to quantify the reception service of staff.

  • Obtain access statistics from multiple dimensions to support your operating strategies.
  • Obtain omni-channel dialogue statistics to ensure your promotion more targeted.

Dialogue statistics

Obtain real-time conversation statistics and data report to support business management, multi-dimension data management and help enterprises check the dynamic rate of flow of the mainstream channels.

  • Connect the dialogue data statistics collected from the website to make the conversion of effective dialogue apprehended at a glance.
  • Provide data statistics of all the mainstream channels so that operational staff can make reception plans more conveniently.

Work order statistics

Provide work order statistics templates of multiple dimensions to help enterprises optimize management system and quality of service. Conduct visual analysis to efficiency and quality of work orders.

  • Provide diversified billboards of data statistics which are convenient to check and help with efficiency of work.
  • Provide overview of customer service work order data so that administrators could view and analyze the statistics and thus adjust work orders.

Customer service statistics

Provide service data statistics to quantify the reception service of staff.

  • Provide real-time monitoring so that enterprises could master the working status of staff and optimize service resources.
  • AI customer service bots comprehensively analyze the number of pages of conversions, the number of messages and dialogue performance, etc..
  • Provide excellent evaluation system so that the manager could know more about staff from customers' angle.

More features

Fast access to instant chat

Support chat link, website plug-in, real-time dialogue and other modes of access, simple and convenient.

Synchronization of messages on mobile phone and PC

Support mobile phone and PC login at the same time. Visitors could initiate consultation without installing any plug-in and customer service personnel could receive messages anytime anywhere.

Grasp all visitor information

Provide visit reminder, channels of sources, keywords, display of login web page, message forecast, visitor track and so on, enabling you to understand customers thoroughly.

Multiple modes of reception.

Combine staff service and bot service to match different reception scenarios.

Support diversity of window.

Support automatic and invited conversation, settings of window style, personalized consultation icons and so on to facilitate communication.

Retention of historical record

Long-term storage of customer conversation and message record enables you to understand all the communication with customers.

Global deployment and one-click communication

We provide perfect technical support to customer service of enterprises, no matter where they locate, either in bustling Beijing or rich trading hub Dubai.


Deploy multi-point clustering and load balancing at various layers. The system supports 1.6 million concurrent requests per second and guarantees more than 200 million stable conversations each day.


Support the safety certification and encrypted transmission of international standard HTTPS, security warnings of sensitive information, encrypted storage, reinforcing of system security aperiodically and adjustment of safety policy so as to ensure the online communication is reliable and stable.


Dedicated manager to provide after-sales service and deal with problems encountered without delay. Provide global support with SAAS+ deployment and years of deployment experience.

Free trial enables you to experience new customer service at zero cost.